Abydos: vroege begraafplaats ontdekt

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Abydos: vroege begraafplaats ontdekt

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Stad en begraafplaats van 7.000 jaar oud ontdekt in Egypte
De stad en de necropolis werden in Boven-Egypte ontdekt, op zo'n 400 meter van de Seti I-tempel in Abydos. Dat heeft minister Mahmoud Afifi meegedeeld. Ze dateren van 5.316 voor Christus.
De archeologen troffen volgens Afifi hutten, aardewerk en stenen werktuigen aan. Daarnaast werden er ook 15 grote graftombes ontdekt, die suggereren dat er belangrijke mensen in begraven werden.

Metropolis discovered in Abydos
A necropolis and residential settlement were uncovered Tuesday in Abydos in Sohag, almost 400 kilometres south of the temple of the New Kingdom pharaoh Seti I.
The settlement and Early Dynastic Period necropolis were found during excavation by an archaeological mission from the Ministry of Antiquities.
Excavators also uncovered 15 large mudbrick tombs of varying architectural design. The surface area of each, Afifi said, could reach 70 metres -- larger than that of a First Dynasty royal tomb.
“This size reflects the position of the tombs’ owners -- their importance and social level within the community of that period,” Afifi told Ahram Online.
He added that a group of mudbrick huts were also discovered within the settlement as well as a collection of artefacts from daily life, including the remains of a large number of clay vessels and stone tools used in land cultivation, which suggests that the huts could have belonged to workers supplying the settlement with provisions.

Yasser Mahmoud, the mission's field director, said that the uncovered tombs have a unique architectural design and one or more mastaba -- distinguished by flat roofs and sloping sides -- known only for pharaohs from the First and Third Dynasties at the Saqqara Necropolis. “This new discovery shows that the mastaba tombs were first used in Abydos for pharaohs from the First Dynasty,” Mahmoud said.

Egyptian archaeologists discovered a 5000+ years settlement in Upper Egypt
http://luxortimesmagazine.blogspot.be/2 ... -7000.html
Predynastic cemetery and settlement discovered in Abydos. According to Dr. Mahmoud Affifi, a team of Egyptian archaeologists discovered a predynastic cemetery dated to 4th millennium B.C (3316 B.C) located 400 meters to the south of Seti I temple in Abydos. [...]
Dr. Affifi said “It is probably the cemetery and the settlements belong to high officials and the overseers of royal tombs and mortuary structures of the kings of the first dynasty in Abydos.”
The team also discovered a number of huts and daily life tools including pottery which could refer to a workers village for the workers who were responsible for building the royal tombs.
Dr. Hany Abo ELAzm said “The Egyptian team managed to unearth 15 large mud brick tombs so far, some measures up to 14 meters x 5 meters. The discovered tombs are different in design and architectural styles. Some of the tombs are even bigger than the royal tombs in Abydos of 1st Dynasty which shows the importance of the owners and their positions in this early period of the Egyptian history.
Yasser Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Egyptian archaeologists’ team, said “Some of the tombs are unique as they have more than one Mastaba up to 4 mastabas. Mastabas were used in tombs of 1st Dynasty in Sakkara then in the time of 3rd Dynasty so in this case it is the first to discover Mastaba tombs dated to the 1st Dynasty in Abydos.
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