The Tebtunis papyri

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The Tebtunis papyri

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The Tebtunis papyri were found in the winter of 1899/1900 at the site of ancient Tebtunis, Egypt.

The papyrus documents that were found in Tebtunis itself illustrate many aspects of daily life in the village (and its environs) during the first three centuries of our era. They also introduce some of its inhabitants to world history.

The Contents of the Tebtunis Papyri:
The Tebtunis Papyri fall into four groups on the basis of their provenance.

1. Texts from the crocodile mummies;
2. Texts from the town and from the temple of Soknebtunis;
3. Texts from the cartonnage of human mummies;
4. Texts from Khamsin
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